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Experiences of students & alumni

Patricia Soppelsa-Fandino, Festo SE & Co. KG

Graduated in 2020

How did my studies help me get ahead?

I learned that often there is not just one right answer, as they like to believe in the natural sciences. Rather, there are many different possibilities, and it is our job to carefully assess and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

I also learned that it is not important to form an opinion and then stick to it. Instead, it's better to regard it as a hypothesis which needs to be constantly tested and proven - in the knowledge that it may be disproven some day.

These two abilities have been of great use to me, especially in recent months.

Fabian Hörz, ElringKlinger AG

Graduated in 2019

Courage and commitment - The MBA International Management Part-Time at ESB Business School was a time-intensive but very educational time for me. It is a mix of knowledge, spirit and people with different cultures that makes learning at ESB Business School. For me, it was a fantastic journey that helped me to grow professionally and personally. We learned a lot about leadership, digitisation, sustainability and social responsibility. The MBA International Management Part-Time inspired me to think visionary and still has a high impact on my career and personality today.

Bernd Bornhauser, Mercedes-AMG GmbH

Graduated in 2017

The MBA International Management Part-Time enabled me to continue working and to gain further qualifications at the same time without having to accept large financial losses and more importantly loss of time. This indicates a high motivation to employers, a further plus in your CV.

I had the opportunity to brush up my business management knowledge and to completely rethink the practical experience I had gained so far as well as the experiences of my fellow students. Not least the higher qualifications and the signal to my employer that I was willing to challenge myself beyond the job enabled me to take a further step in my career.

Kathrin Gras, Eisenmann SE

Graduated in 2015

Since I was attending the course alongside a full-time job, I had to give time priority to my job and study. At the same time I couldn’t just neglect private things such as leisure time, friends and family. Time management was the most important factor during my studies. I experienced many new, international contacts, a new challenging job and a stay abroad. The study years are very demanding and time-consuming and there is hardly any time to “put your feet up“. Yet I would choose the course at ESB Business School again and again because of its excellent reputation, its efficient organisation and its international character since in many respects it has had a positive impact on my own personal development.