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Programme Structure & Content

We train managers who are able to recognise and deal with change and can solve problems effectively and make complex decisions responsibly. In our MBA Part-Time programme, you will acquire broad-based knowledge with a focus on strategy, business development, marketing, digitisation, sustainability, leadership and international negotiating skills. For us, state-of-the-art is more than just a catchword. We are continuously developing our programme – with the introduction of the new study and examination regulations as of winter semester 2022/23, we have adapted course content to current requirements.

Structure of Studies

You begin your studies in September or March and spend approx. eight attendance weeks per semester at ESB Business School. Lecture times are usually:  
Friday 3.30 pm – 9.30 pm
Saturday 8.30 am – 3.30 pm

Additionally, once a semester there is a block week. The block week allows intensive interaction between lecturers and students, also providing the students with the opportunity for dialogue and integration. The block week can be recognised as educational leave.

For some years now we have been building on a modern blended learning arrangement: online contact seminars for individual coaching and revision of material in the form of recaps thus complement the attendance phases.

Order of Studies

1. Semester

Teaching of the market oriented basic principles of management and accounting as well as international negotiation skills.

2.und 3. Semester
Foundation & Specialisation

Development of market and management strategies as well as digital and sustainable corporate strategies, individually tailored through electives and stay abroad at one of our renowned partner universities worldwide.

4. Semester

Business Integrity & Law as well as Electives for individual profile development

5. SemesterMster's Thesis

Core Modules:

  • Market-Oriented Management
  • Managerial and Financial Accounting
  • Negotiating across Borders
  • Business Research Methods
  • Economics & Finance
  • Strategic & Sustainable Management
  • Leadership & Change
  • Digitisation & Entrepreneurship
  • Business Process Management Simulation
  • International Business Law


In our MBA programmes we place special emphasis on a high degree of individualisation and flexibility. A wide spectrum of electives ensures the possibility of an individual focus in the course. The electives are spread over semesters 2 to 4 so that the stay abroad can also be flexibly integrated during this period. Since some of the electives are offered online, this also facilitates the organisation of your studies and caters for different preferences.

More detailed information on the electives

Modular Structure

All subjects are taught in thematic blocks – so-called modules – and end with an examination. We distinguish between core modules (compulsory) and electives (optional), which you can compile individually from a wide range of options which is adapted every semester. You will find more detailed information in our module handbook in the download area.



You will expand your knowledge of what you have learned during the attendance periods by studying by yourself with the help of teaching materials.  All documents, case studies, videos and links are made available via our learning portal. The optional contact seminars are held by the teachers online and are usually in the evenings so that you can really benefit from the advantages of digital formats and on-site lectures alongside your professional activities.  Your learning times depend on your previous knowledge, your learning situation and your individual learning speed. You should allow sufficient time for your self-study, the work with teaching materials and exam preparation. We will be happy to advise you on how to manage this.


Study abroad

A high level of internationality among the graduates is a major qualification goal of the MBA degree programme. In addition to the internationally oriented seminars, the integrated module abroad of optionally one to four weeks at renowned partner universities worldwide offers you the opportunity to develop your individual professional specialisations and expand your international business network.

The list of partner universities is constantly extended. We currently have six partner universities in our portfolio:

  • Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, France
  • HEC Montreal, Kanada
  • Maastricht School of Management, Niederlande
  • Nelson Mandela University, Südafrika
  • Solbridge International School of Business, Südkorea
  • Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia

For information about our international partners please contact Manuele Pilloni.