You have chosen the International Business Bachelor’s degree programme and would now like to apply? These steps are necessary for the application and admissions process:

1.Read the admission requirements for the degree programme carefully.

Admission requirements

  • Very good command of English
    German applicants and applicants with a German university entrance qualification: The Abitur certificate or certificate of entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences is deemed as evidence of your language skills.
    Applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification: Evidence of English language skills, e.g. through IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate or a stay abroad (at least 5 months in an English speaking country (Great Britain, USA, Australia, New Zealand)

The following qualifications may have a positive influence on your application, but are not admission requirements:

  • Practical work experience, such as internships, vocational training 
    International experience, e.g. an extended stay abroad, school attendance, voluntary service, au-pair outside the home country, social commitment, such as school representative, scout leader, coach in sports club  

2.Fill in the online application form of Reutlingen University.

3. Collect all required supporting documents for your application.

When you have filled in the online application form, the applications portal will generate your application for admission with a list of the supporting documents that have to be appended to your application. Print out and sign the application for admission.

Information and explanations regarding the required supporting documents:

  • University entrance qualification
    German applicants:
    If you have not received your Abitur certificate or certificate of entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences in time before the application deadline, please append your school reports from at least the last three half years to your application.

    German applicants with an international university entrance qualification:
    Please apply to the Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart (Regional Administrative Authority in Stuttgart) for recognition of certificates. The attestation issued by the Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart must show a final grade and the date of the university entrance qualification.

    Foreign applicants:
    Foreign school and university degree certificates must be examined by the Preparatory College (Studienkolleg) in Konstanz to verify that they correspond to the German university entrance qualification. ESB Business School will send copies of your school and university degree certificates to the Preparatory College (Konstanz), which will then inform us whether you are in possession of the university entrance qualification.   

    Please do not submit your documents to the Preparatory College (Studienkolleg) yourself. One exception to this is if you are also applying for other degree programmes in Germany in which the language of instruction is German: In this case please contact the Preparatory College (Studienkolleg) in Konstanz yourself and submit all the necessary documents. The Preparatory College (Studienkolleg) does not charge any fees for the examination of your documents and the issuing of the required certificates.

    You will find further information on the website of the Studienkolleg - Center for International Students in Konstanz.
  • Supporting documents of your school and/or university education as well as practical working experience in English or German

    If your documents are not available in English or German, you have to attach a German or English translation. The translation must be certified by the signature and seal or stamp of a qualified translator.
  • Curriculum vitae
    Please follow these examples exactly.
    How to do it: computer written, maximum one page, in English

    if you have dual nationality, please indicate this in your curriculum vitae.
  • “Application Essay“
    In your Application Essay answer the following question: ”Why have you chosen to study the area of international business for your future career?
    How to do it: computer written, maximum one page, in English
  • Evidence of English language skills
    German applicants:
    The Abitur or certificate of entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences is deemed as evidence of your language skills. If you have further documents supporting your language skills you should append them to your application.

    Foreign applicants:
    Evidence of English language skills, e.g. through IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate or evidence of a stay abroad (at least five months) in an English speaking country.

4.Send your application for admission with all relevant documents by post and in due time to Reutlingen University.

Postal address:
Hochschule Reutlingen (Reutlingen University)
Studium und Studierende
Alteburgstrasse 150
72762 Reutlingen

Please do not use any binders or folders for your application documents.
We cannot accept applications sent by email and process only complete application documents which have been submitted on time.

Application deadlines
The application must have arrived at the University by these dates, the date of posting does not apply!

Summer intake: 15 October for Non-EU applicants; 30 November for German and EU applicants
Winter intake: 15 April for Non-EU applicants; 30 June for German and EU applicants

You can see the status of your application on the University Information Portal

5.Upon invitation take part in the second selection phase.

After evaluating the submitted application documents we invite the 140 best candidates to the second selection phase. This consists of a selection interview and an online test in English.

The interviews generally take place on the campus of Reutlingen University. If you are abroad and cannot come to Reutlingen, we provide the opportunity of conducting the interview by video call service.

Times of selection interview and test
Early December for applications for the summer semester
Late June / early July for applications for the winter semester

6.If you receive admission to the University, accept the offered university place.

German applicants and international applicants residing in Germany: You have received a notification of acceptance? Congratulations on being accepted on the degree programme!
Send the signed application for registration together with the requested documents in time and transfer the semester fees.

International applicants who are abroad: If you are accepted on the degree programme, in addition to the application for registration you will receive two forms, a “notification of acceptance“ and a “financial statement“. Fill in both forms and send the documents to the indicated email address in time. 
After your arrival in Germany, deliver your application for registration to the degree programme coordination office and transfer the semester fee.

If you are on the waiting list, we will inform you.

7.Welcome to ESB Business School!

You will find tips on finding a room or an apartment on Reutlingen University’s website.

For international students: On Reutlingen University’s website you will find information about studying in Germany, our range of preparatory classes, experience reports and a whole lot more.