It is not possible to apply for the BSc International Mangement Double Degree at the moment. We will inform you about the next application process early in 2020.

You are interested in the International Management Double Degree study programme and would now like to apply? The following steps are necessary for the application and admission process:

Important information  

You can apply simultaneously for up to three degree programmes at Reutlingen University – therefore also for three different IMX degree programmes (e.g. German-American, German-Spanish and German-French).

1.Read the admission requirements for the study programme carefully.

  • Very good to good general or subject-related German university entrance qualification (Abitur, “A-Levels“; the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences is not sufficient) or an equivalent university entrance qualification.
  • Foreign language skills in the languages relevant to the degree programme, i.e. in the local language of the respective target country. Exception: Netherlands (English), Mexico (English and Spanish), China (possible with or without Chinese language skills; orientation interview about language acquisition), Brazil (very good Spanish language or Portuguese language skills and English).
  • Successfully completed entrance examination (subject-specific written test, interview and oral language tests).
  • Foreign applicants with a university entrance qualification obtained abroad must submit their certificate for examination and recognition by the Studienkolleg Konstanz (preparatory college Konstanz). With the application up to 15 June you also need to prove that you have a sufficient command of the German language. You will find more detailed information in the questions and answers about the application for international students on the website of Reutlingen University.
  • Admission offers are made in accordance with a ranking list. This consists of the grade in the general or subject-related university entrance qualification (Abitur, “A-Levels”; the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences is not sufficient) or an equivalent entrance qualification as well as the graded parts of the entrance exam.

Please note that a very good or good A-Level grade is of great significance for an admission offer because our study places are strongly in demand and attract correspondingly good applicants.

2.Follow the steps on the application portal of Reutlingen University

The application for the Bachelor programmes at Reutlingen University is divided into several steps. Please follow the steps on the Online-Portal of Reutlingen University.

3.For your written application to Reutlingen University please submit the following documents.

  • Printed and signed application request of the online application.
  • Copies of A-Level certificate or the last two half-year school reports.
  • CV (preferably with photo)) with supporting evidence, e.g. stays abroad, apprenticeships and internships, voluntary service (Bufdi, FSJ), special involvement in voluntary activities.
  • We will be pleased to receive a half-page letter of motivation.

The application must arrive in full (on paper) by the application deadline on 15 June at Reutlingen University. If you are applying for several IMX degree programmes, you need to send the documents for each degree programme.  

Hochschule Reutlingen/Reutlingen University
Zulassungsamt (Admissions Office)
Alteburgstraße 150
72762 Reutlingen

You can see the status of your application in the Hochschul-Informations-Portal.

4.Upon invitation take the entrance examination

You will receive the invitation for the selection interview by email. The next entrance emxaminations are likely to be scheduled for July 2020.

Please reserve all the dates you are given as we can only inform you of the actual day and the detailed procedure of the examination after all the applications have been received. You will have to come to Reutlingen on one of these days. We will inform you of your date in the letter of invitation. Please reserve the whole day from early morning. 

The entrance examination is made up of three parts:

  • Subject-related written test (duration 1 hour) to examine analytical procedural competence
  • Subject-related oral examination (duration 25 minutes)
  • Oral foreign language examination in the local language of the respective target country, exceptions: Netherlands (language test English) and Mexico (language tests English and Spanish) and China (possible with and without Chinese language skills; orientation interview about language acquisition), Brazil (language tests Spanish/Portuguese and English).

A paper copy of the university entrance qualification certificate (A-Level) must have arrived at the university until July 15.

Approx. one week after the entrance examinations have finished you can see in the Hochschul-Informations-Portal whether you have received an offer for admission to the International Management Double Degree (IMX) Bachelor programme.

5.If you receive admission to the university, accept the offered university place

Upon accepting the university place you will receive a welcome package from the International Management Double Degree (IMX) programme indicating the place where you will begin your studies and all other necessary information related to your studies. The beginning of the course in the European degree programme links can be in Reutlingen or directly at the partner university abroad. The place is determined by the selection committee. Once you have received an offer for admission, you are also automatically admitted to the corresponding partner university.

We recommend you accept promptly because the International Management Double Degree programme in Reutlingen already begins in the middle of September. Some of the courses at our partner universities start as early as the end of August or the beginning of September. Therefore please accept or reject the offer for admission as quickly as possible both in your own interest and in the interest of your fellow applicants.   

Once you have accepted the offer for admission, you have to register at Reutlingen University. For registration at the university return the signed application for registration together with the requested documents and transfer the semester fees.


Questions & answers related to registration

6.Welcome to ESB Business School!

Prompt acceptance of a study place will make starting your studies easier since you will need time to prepare your start in Reutlingen or abroad. Please remember that the semester begins earlier at the partner universities and in Reutlingen than at other universities.

You will find tips for finding a room or flat on the Website Reutlingen University.

We are delighted to welcome you to our international student team!