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Programme Structure & Content

Christine Mareen Rupp

“Beyond the acquisition of specialist knowledge this course demands high flexibility and willingness to cooperate on the part of all those involved. The structure of the course and the resulting commitment of the students lead to a cohesion that is of lasting importance for us all even after many years for our private and professional environment. Thus these integrated IMX degree programmes are a preparation for an international career that is unique in the German speaking world.”

Christine Mareen Rupp, Partner l Manging Partner IBM Consulting DACH, Absolventin International Management Double Degree 1999

Two countries: Experiencing internationality

In the International Management Double Degree programme (IMX) you study in Germany and a country of your choice for two years each. We can guarantee you this right at the start of your studies. You choose from eleven countries with a renowned partner university in each of them (exception: North America with three partners). ESB Business School offers you this unique opportunity within the framework of the International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS). The IPBS with currently 2,000 students is the largest integrated university cooperation programme in Europe.

You either begin your studies in Reutlingen or at the partner university abroad. Starting from the fifth semester you then change your place of study. With two integrated intership semesters both at ESB Business School and one of our partner universities you gain valuable practical knowledge. You may also chose to broaden your international profile even further by completing a voluntary internship in a third country of your choice.

You will be able to see the exact order of study including the study and internship phases after selecting the respective country combination.

Two universities: Coordinated course contents

The course contents at ESB Business School and at your partner university are coordinated down to the last detail so that no content-related overlaps arise when switching universities. Study credits are mutually recognised by the partner universities.

In your eight-semester course you receive sound economic and extensive intercultural skills. The classes are taught in the local language of the respective place of study (except for the Netherlands where courses are held in English). In addition to the respective local language of the selected partner university, English as a foreign language is compulsory for all students.

By offering a broad selection of elective modules you can align your studies to specific fields of business management (e.g. Marketing, Finance or HR) - if you want to.

You study in small, multinational groups and supplement your classes with exercises and specialisations.

Focal points of the course

Course contents include both mandatory modules that teach the essential basics of business management and elective mandatory modules with which you may select your own specialisations.

The course includes all the classical contents of business management:

  • Basics of Business Management
  • Basics of Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Development
  • Basics from the fields of Economics and Law
  • Communicative and Intercultural Skills
  • Human resources Management
  • International Accounting
  • International Studies
  • Corporate Management
  • Information and Production Management
  • Economic Ethics

Mandatory elective modules are, for example.:

  • Leadership
  • Risk management
  • Globalisation
  • Energy Management
  • Integrative Management
  • and others

You will find a detailed description of contents in the module catalogues.

Two degrees in four years

After successfully completing the course you will obtain the Bachelor of Science in International Management at Reutlingen University and the comparable academic degree of the partner university you have attended. With this profile you will move into the focus of leading, internationally operating companies in all industries and sizes.

In the eight-semester course you receive 240 credit points, the maximum number of points for an undergraduate course. With this you meet the formal admission requirements worldwide for all graduate degree programmes and many doctoral programmes.

Code of conduct

Respect, trust and commitment are values to which everyone at ESB Business School is oriented: the professors, staff as well as the students. The IMX programme have transposed these values into a code of conduct to which all the members of the degree programme are committed.