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Programme Structure & Content

International course

The Digital Industrial Management and Engineering (DIME) course is offered in cooperation with the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and Purdue University, USA.

After an introductory phase, the research projects and supporting courses will be conducted in parallel. The courses are held in lecture and seminar form. In addition, the professors and research assistants of the research groups are available as experts in the concrete research work.

The second semester is spent abroad at one of the partner universities of the DIME Research Master:

Module 3A: Stellenbosch University in South Africa
Admission for the summer semester (6 study places) as well as for winter semester 2021/22 (6 study places)

Module 3B: Purdue University, USA 
Admission from winter semester 2022/2023



International research

In the research modules you work on the latest research topics from the fields of digital industrial management and engineering. This is done in close exchange with your supervising professor and you become an active member in their research group.

You will find more information here.

International (Double) Degrees

After successful completion of your studies you will acquire two degrees, depending on your module:

  • If you choose module 3A (admission only for the summer semester) you will receive the double degree "Master of Science (MSc) Digital Industrial Management and Engineering" & the "Master of Engineering (MEng) Engineering Management" of Stellenbosch University.
  • If you choose module 3B (admission only for the winter semester), you will receive the double degree "Master of Science (MSc) Digital Industrial Management and Engineering" from Reutlingen University & the "Master of Science (MSc) Engineering Technology" from Purdue University, USA.

Two degrees based on a joint program - this will prepare you ideally for challenging tasks in industrial research and development and for a possible subsequent doctorate.