Communication Technology Laboratory

Digitisation, networked computing and the ubiquity of data are megatrends that lead to ever greater and more complex data volumes. Secure and fast data processing and transmission play a key role in the societal context. This is accompanied by the continuous improvement of information and communication systems as well as networks. This is where the research focus of the communication technology laboratory comes in.

 Research focal points

Transmission technology via symmetrical copper cabling

  • Spectral measurements up to the high-frequency range 

  • Data transmission and remote power supply via single-pair cabling (single-pair ethernet)

  • Data transmission up to 100 Gbit/s via four pairs 

  •   Real-time transmission  

  • Remote power supply: Modelling and measurement of warming and the impact on transmission properties. In addition to data transmission, remote power supply of the connected end devices can take place with copper cabling through dual use of the IT infrastructure. This is used, for example, for remote power supply of radio network access points.

Transmission technology via optical fibre cabling

  • Attenuation measurements

  • Mode field measurements

Electromagnetic compatibility/interface immunity and transmission reliability

  • Coupling attenuation measurements

  • Line injection measurements

  • Transfer impedance measurements

Radio tag identification systems

  • Distance measurements

  • Pulse measurements

  • Frequency measurements

 Technical equipment

  • Network Analyzer, E5070B from Agilent 

  • Sampling Oscilloscopes from Keysight and Tektronix 

  • Real Time Oscilloscope, SDA 820Zi-A fromTeledyne LeCroy 

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators from Keysight and Tektronix  

  • Gore Line Injection Messplatz 

  • Coupling pliers

  • Monochromator 

  • Optical Benches

 Current and completed projects

  • Symmetrical copper cabling for data transmission and remote supply up to 3 GHz and 100 W

  • 100 Gbit/s via symmetrical copper cable

  • Modelling and metrological verification of high-frequency transmission links

  • Gigabit-transmission

  • High-speed networks

    - Single-pair transmission channels for data rates of at least 1 GBit/s with a range of 100m for loT/lloT in industrial, building automation and residential applications.                                                                                       - Next-generation application-neutral cabling: data and power transmission via single- to multi-pair symmetrical cabling in correlation to bandwidth and range for data rates up to 200GBit/s

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