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Reduction of inner-city traffic congestion through intelligent parcel delivery and control in the city of Reutlingen

By providing a transhipment point close to the city centre, Reutlingen is making an important contribution to sustainable city logistics. With the help of a targeted environmentally friendly bundling and delivery of the parcels of all courier express parcel service providers at parcel lockers, Reutlingen is creating an intelligent logistics solution.

1. Objective

The "deliveRT" project aims to develop a solution for smart city logistics together with the city of Reutlingen and various SMEs, taking into account the urban structure of a 'small city'. This should minimise the volume of delivery traffic caused by combustion vehicles in the city centre, increase the efficiency of urban logistics, improve the quality of  life and at the same time enable new business models, especially for local SMEs.



The project has three main goals:

  1. Cost savings through increased efficiency
  2. Additional services

  3. Reduction of environmental impact

2. Background

In autumn 2020, the city of Reutlingen launched the pilot project "Reducing inner-city traffic congestion through intelligent parcel delivery and control in the city of Reutlingen". The background to this is, among other things, an EU target that calls for 50 percent emission-free parcel delivery by 2030. This primarily affects delivery on the so-called "last mile", the last link in the supply chain to the recipient or customer.

The project "Reduction of inner-city traffic congestion through intelligent parcel delivery and control in the city of Reutlingen" with the brand name "deliveRT" is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Interior, Digitisation and Municipalities as part of the appeal for funding "Innovation Partnerships for Municipalities and the Mobility Economy 4.0 (InKoMo 4.0)".

3. Progress of the project

At the centre of the delivery concept "deliveRT" is a micro-hub close to the city centre at sMail GmbH where parcels from different parcel service providers or from retailers in Reutlingen's city centre are bundled. From there, the parcels are consolidated and then in a next step delivered in the city centre. The delivery location can either be a parcel locker, a parcel shop or the customer's personal address. There is currently a parcel locker situated at Reutlingen's town hall. Two more parcel lockers will follow soon. By entering the micro-hub address as the delivery location and a personal identification number, in the c/o address line, the parcels are assigned and consolidated in the micro-hub. The citizens of Reutlingen will then receive their parcels at a place of their choice (e.g. parcel locker) at a freely selectable time by means of emission-free delivery by means of electric cargo bikes. 


"Fewer delivery vehicles mean less noise, fewer exhaust fumes and accident risks in an attractive city centre. Not only customers and visitors benefit from this  but also retailers and restaurants", summarised Mayor Thomas Keck at the inauguration of the "deliveRT parcel locker".

Mayor Thomas Keck
at the inauguration of the "deliveRT parcel locker"


Our project partners

In addition to the city of Reutlingen as the overall project leader, other cooperation partners support the "Citylogistik Reutlingen". The Logistics Research Center at Reutlingen University took on the project management and provided scientific support for the project. The start-up Pakadoo, which was spun off from LGI as a limited liability company in 2018, provided the necessary IT system and the parcel locker. Later, the local postal service provider sMail also supported the project. sMail set up the mini central warehouse (micro hub) near the centre and managed the electromobile delivery for the "last mile".


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