International Operations and Logistic Management (IOLM) - BSc

Bachelor of Science Operations & Logistics Management

The BSc International Operations and Logistics Management programme was offered for the last time in the summer semester 2020. For students who started their studies by then, the degree programme will continue in its previous form. However, it is no longer possible to apply for this programme.

Information on the successor programme International Industrial Engineering - Operations (IWI) - BSc

In the International Operations and Logistics Management degree programme, you will learn the basics of business administration and engineering. One of the programme’s core areas is international and intercultural aspects of operations management as well as on the integration of business and engineering concepts in different regions of the world.

A detailed description of the programme contents can be found in the module handbook.


Study plan overview

Semester 1Basics including international business, project management and IT

Semester 2

Basic principles of finance and accounting, operations management, intercultural management and engineering, among others.

Semester 3

Advanced semester with interdisciplinary project (e.g. Business Processes & Business Data, Quality Management, Industrial Engineering)

Semester 4

Internship semester and Corporate Social Responsibility project

Semester 5

Regular track: Semester abroad (syllabus in consultation with the partner institution) Double degree track: first internship semester at the partner institution

Semester 6

Regular track: Internship semester abroad

Double degree track: Internship semester abroad in the partner institution’s region

Semester 7

Regular track: Advanced semester: Intra- or extra-logistics

Double degree track: Advanced semester (Majors according to partner institution’s curriculum)

Semester 8

Regular track: Final semester with integrated Bachelor's thesis (usually at a company) and individual project

Double degree track: Final semester with integrated Bachelor's thesis and individual project at partner institution


Programme core areas

You will acquire sound knowledge in technical and business management disciplines and reinforce your competence in the field of logistics and supply chain management. You may choose an individual specialization (intra-logistics or extra-logistics).

In a dynamic, globalised economy, it is increasingly the case that it is not individual companies but closely interlinked supply chains that are in competition with each other. Success depends not only on one's own company, but also on suppliers and distribution partners. Therefore, logistics is a central corporate function today and in the future, and it faces new opportunities and risks, increasingly powerful information technologies, shortened product life cycles, higher innovation density and an increase in the level of service while at the same time meeting cost targets (customer orientation and cost awareness).

The International Operations and Logistics Management degree programme addresses these issues by providing the necessary skills. Graduates can manage cross-company communication processes, plan and implement cross-company strategic logistics projects, strategically and operationally plan, manage and control the logistics chain of a company, manage extended outsourcing and master and implement the technical requirements of logistics.


International and practical experience

During your Bachelor's degree you will not only be taught theoretical knowledge, you will also gain your own experience in a practical and international working environment. To this end, two practical semesters and one semester abroad are firmly anchored in the International Operations and Logistics Management degree programme.

You will gain your first practical experience in an industrial internship in the fourth semester at a company in Germany, in a business sector that matches the degree programme. Through the ESB Career Center and the careers fairs held every semester on the Reutlingen campus, valuable contacts can be made both for the internships and for later career opportunities.

The first practical semester is followed in the 5th semester by an internship abroad at one of our more than 50 partner universities around the world, where you can develop not only your subject knowledge in the relevant lectures, but also your language and cultural skills.

In order to further expand your skills and experience in an international working environment, you are required to complete an internship semester at a company abroad in the 6th semester. Here you can draw from the full range of your practical experience, directly applying and expanding everything you have learned from the first internship semester, the theoretical knowledge from lectures as well as your cultural and linguistic competence.

Rich in new knowledge and experience, you return to the Reutlingen campus for the 7th semester for lectures in your chosen specialisation and your final project/ thesis in the 8th semester.


Double degree option

The double degree track in the BSc International Operations and Logistics Management programme offers you the opportunity to graduate with an integrated double degree from ESB Business School and a partner university. The strong international focus gives you the theoretical foundation and practical skills that managers in global companies need.

In the double degree track, you study at a partner university from the 5th semester up to and including the 8th semester and thus obtain two degrees.

Our current partner universities for the double degree track are:

The strategic partnerships in Southeast Asia focus on a booming region in which logistics plays a significant and increasing role.


  • Integrated curriculum, i.e. the two study programmes are coordinated with each other
  • Teaching of specific regional, cultural and language skills
  • Two integrated practical semesters (at least 1 of which abroad)

Application process:

  • Regular application and admission to the BSc International Operations and Logistics Management programme

  • Decision and application for the double degree track in the 2nd semester (internal application process).


Study plan

Contacts re: programme

If you have any questions about the programme or your personal study and career prospects, we are happy to help.

General questions on the programme

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