Logistics Factory

The Logistics Factory was established in 2009. Its three basic components are research on currently relevant topics and challenges in industry, consulting on the automation of logistics processes and the transfer of these findings to teaching.


Teaching/ Real Laboratory

The logistics factory can be seen as a real laboratory in which students are given the opportunity to independently put the knowledge they have gained in theory into practice. The new B.Sc. Business Engineering - Sustainable Production and Business programme at ESB Business School, for example, uses the infrastructure of the logistics factory with the aim of enabling practice-oriented and project-based teaching. Students have the means and opportunities to generate and realise future-oriented product ideas throughout their studies in order to raise awareness and establish themselves as drivers of sustainability.

The production and validation of prototypes can all be carried out in the safe environment of the logistics factory thanks to the equipment provided. Current technology standards are applied in the logistics factory. 

The logistics factory also serves as a test field for the researchers. For example, as part of the project "Reduction of inner-city traffic congestion through intelligent parcel delivery and control in the city of Reutlingen", a micro-hub was set up and tested in the logistics factory. The findings were then transferred to the real operation of an existing company and serve as teaching material for students.


"Sustainable product development is becoming increasingly important for the future and is the answer to the growing scarcity of resources. The logistics factory is therefore dedicated to the task of training students to make the topic sustainability attractive for industry and to advance it."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Echelmeyer,

Head of Facility



The research team headed by Professor Wolfgang Echelmeyer is working on the following topics, mostly in cooperation with companies:


  • Freight transport
  • Digital factory

  • City logistics

  • Intralogistics




  • Automation

  • Robotics

  • Sustainable logistics


New thematic fields are being continuously developed depending on the topicality and needs of the economic sectors.


In addition to teaching and research, the logistics factory also offers consulting services for interested companies in the above-mentioned research fields. Both the companies benefit from close scientific support and the solution to their questions as well as the logistics factory, which can reflect the knowledge gained from industry in teaching and research.

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