Germany 2030 – Global Player or Global Loser

ESB Economic Forum on 4 May 2023

What role does Germany currently play in world affairs? And what does the future hold for the Federal Republic of Germany on the global stage?

This year the 27th Economic Forum (Wifo) at ESB Business School is themed

Germany 2030 – Global Player or Global Loser

Within the framework of the public panel debate, distinguished experts from the world of politics, business and science will discuss opportunities, challenges and the state of the nation.

On 4 May 2023 from 7pm, the student organisation team of the ESB Economic Forum is pleased to invite you to the Cultural Centre franz.K in Reutlingen where the following speakers will present their views on Germany’s future as a “global player” or “global loser”

  • Peter Altmaier – Former Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, CDU
  • Thomas Dauner – Managing Director and Senior Partner at The Boston Consulting Group GmbH
  • Anna Goeddeke - Economist and professor for Economics, particularly Microeconomics and Quantitative Methods at ESB Business School, Reutlingen University
  • Isabel Corinna Knauf – Member of the Group Management Board of the Knauf Group, Member of the Supervisory Board of Continental AG
  • Remy A. Lazarovici – Managing Director DACH at Celonis SE

The panel discussion will be moderated by Dr Julia Hagel.

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The Economic Forum at ESB Business School:

The Economic Forum at ESB Business School is a public panel discussion on current topics in business, politics and society. It was founded by students in the autumn of 1996 and is organised every year by a student team. This year, the ESB Economic Forum is hosted by: Nicolai Winter, Lucas Osterauer and Lara Vogt (acquisition), Alexandra Schmidt and Elisa Pigliacampo (logistics) and Melissa Reinhard and Philipp Bergner (marketing).