International Campus Day 2024

An afternoon full of cultural exchange, great food and fun activities

What a vibrant and enjoyable experience our International Campus Day was! On Thursday 18 April students, staff and representatives from ESB partner universities took time to share, experience and enjoy the multiple facets of internationality on campus.

Many members of the campus community contributed to the rich tapestry of offerings   ranging from an international food festival and knowledge café, international games and sport, cultural activities such as calligraphy, language café to the debating corner and many more.

With an amazing spread of delicious dishes from around the globe, the international food festival offered a great opportunity to engage with other members of the campus community and to find out more about their cultures. Participants got to taste an authentic Victoria Sponge Cake, relished Brazilian Strogonoff, savoured the flavour of Gimbap and found out how spicy Rajma Masala is. Thanks to all our fantastic cooks!

Plenty of fun was had by all exploring games such as the American game of cornhole, a Swabian-English memory game, Jegichagi, Mancala and Spikeball, to name but a few. In a challenging match of tug-of-war, students and professors put their strength and stamina to the test.

A particular thanks goes out to our active ESB student community and colleagues, the Reutlingen University Diversity team, Reutlingen International Office (RIO), Institute for Foreign Languages (IfF), Center for Entrepreneurship and the Texoversum student team for collaborating to make the International Campus Day a truly international experience.

The International Campus Day took place within the framework of the ESB International Week (15 – 19 April) - a week in which the spotlight was on internationalisation in higher education, offering a platform for the ESB community and partners to share, reflect and develop ideas whilst fostering our international friendships.

The week’s programme encompassed events both online and on campus for diverse target audiences. During the ESB International Staff Days, we welcomed 21 colleagues from our valued partner university network to exchange on the topic of ‘Skills for the Future’. In his Online Open Classroom lecture, Prof. Dr. Robert LoBue gave insights into teaching at ESB by welcoming over 80 students and alumni from across the globe to his lecture on ‘Small Business Start-Up Accounting Simulation’. During the online MBA Alumni Talks, five international alumni of the MBA International Management Full-Time talked about their experiences at ESB Business School and their subsequent career paths in Germany.

See you at the next ESB International Week!