Reutlingen University is a member of EUA, European University Association.

The economy, science and society live from new ideas. ESB Business School trains first-rate graduates and is closely networked with the economy. On this basis we are engaged in extensive research with a strong focus on application.

The key strength of ESB Business School lies in the diversity of its competencies. To make use of these there is the Training and Research Centre (LFZ) and several fields of research in which professors work on complex research topics.

For research projects doctoral degrees are also supervised by professors at ESB Business School. We do not have the right to confer our own doctoral degrees but together with our many national and international research partners we can support doctoral studies. 

Training and Research Centre Added Value and Logistics Systems

From robotics to Industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution) – practice-oriented excellence in training and research.

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Digitisation and Management

How digitisation is changing management in enterprises and the role played by management in digital transformation.

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Organisation, Work & Society

Actively shaping the transformation of knowledge-intensive organisations and work environments.

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The impact of internationalisation on economies and societies, an academic environment and business interactions.

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The Future of the Economy and Society

Recognising and coping with the megatrends. 

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Other research projects at ESB Business School are the Virtual Engineering and Training Centre VETC, the Reutlingen Energy Centre, and Sports Management.