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ESB Business School students, professors and staff produce their own music video

By Katrin Reil

Musical robots, professors on keyboards and tubas, dancers in the lecture hall - sounds like an adventurous mix. Around 70 students, professors and staff from the ESB Business School at Reutlingen University fought against the Coronavirus blues. Adhering to all safety and hygiene regulations, they produced the music video "ESBinvincible". Now the official ESB song has been released.

The first protagonist sits alone in Werk150, the factory on the campus of Reutlingen University, staring at his laptop. He feels "invisible," not noticed. "The past few semesters have been a challenge for our students," says Professor Dr Dirk Schieborn, himself a musician and the initiator of the campaign. "With ESBinvincible, we wanted to strengthen the sense of togetherness among the students and in the entire ESB community. Music connects people. It worked very well during rehearsals, in the recording studio and during the video shoot. Now, hopefully, we'll infect the whole campus with our enthusiasm."

Even the lonely student from the beginning of the video soon finds company - including singing professors, fellow students making music, and the ESB cheerleaders. Professor Dr Hendrik Brumme, President of Reutlingen University, and Professor Dr Christoph Binder, Dean of ESB Business School, also make guest appearances in the video and show their musical and acting talents. “Invisible" becomes "invincible".

Even those who don't study at ESB Business School will enjoy the video. "We give a little insight into what happens on our campus at night - albeit with a wink," explains Professor Schieborn. At the same time, he emphasizes the serious background of the song. "The values that ESBinvincible conveys are exactly those that ESB Business School stands for: Education and Community, Internationality and of course a lot of ESB Spirit,” he says.

Photo Credits: Alex Wörl, Leon Block