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"ESB thrives on the commitment of its students"

Thanks to the ESB Student Network in summer semester 2022!

By Katrin Reil

Parties, projects, help with problems: After the long online phase, the ESB Student Network was finally able to once more pull out all the stops in the summer semester of 2022. At the end of the semester, the student representatives look back on a positive outcome.

"ESB thrives on the commitment of its students, and on events and projects being passed down from generation to generation," says Carmen Vallejo König, head of the ESB Student Network in the summer semester of 2022. “There were a lot of things we simply couldn’t do in the Coronavirus years. I wanted to work to help us really get going again."

The new start with on-campus classes was a success: the National Model United Nations, the ESB Economic Forum, ESB Cycling for Charity, ESB Investment Club events, sports events and numerous parties ensured full schedules even outside of the lecture plans. First-year students in particular benefited from being able to network and experience the ESB spirit from day one.

Professor Dr Christoph Binder, Dean of ESB Business School, emphasizes the importance of the ESB Student Network, which is also supported by ESB Business School's association VIMA e.V.: “We provide more than just a teaching curriculum. Under the umbrella of the ESB Student Network, there are numerous projects in which students can put what they have learned into practice and grow both personally and professionally. We want to actively encourage our students to play sports together, get involved socially and, of course, party to build a network for life."

The ESB Student Network is firmly integrated into the School's processes. At regular meetings, the student representatives talk to the ESB board about their current study situation. For Carmen Vallejo König, this was another reason to get involved in the ESB Student Network: "Collaboration with the team of professors and staff and the cross-disciplinary and cross-semester access to all students really appealed to me,” she says.

We would like to thank all representatives of the ESB Student Network as well as the other student groups and projects for their commitment during the 2022 summer semester.