How does a can of corn get its price?

Matthias Ganz, Head of Controlling at Bonduelle, visits the MA European Management Studies programme

By Katrin Reil und Janine Wilke

How does corn get into the can? This is a topic that agricultural scientists, for example, have to deal with. And how does the corn on the supermarket shelf get its price? This is the right question for the future business managers of the MA European Management Studies programme. Matthias Ganz, Head of Controlling at Bonduelle, visited the students of the German-French programme for a fascinating lecture about his industry.

There is enormous price pressure in a trading company in the food industry. “Every cent counts for us”, Ganz explained to the students. His visit took place as part of the lecture on the topic of internal accounting. At the same time, the experienced controller said that Bonduelle wants to pursue agricultural production that respects both soil and people: “La nature, notre future”. This is more relevant to us today than ever before.

Step by step, Ganz showed the students how the price of a can of corn is made up in the production process, from the product to the packaging and on to the costs for marketing or even – controlling. This helped the students to become aware of the complexity of pricing in all its aspects.

Matthias Ganz also spoke about the current developments and market conditions. The hyperinflation crisis, for example, confronts Bonduelle with new challenges in its daily business. Moreover, the German-French family business is critically observing climate change and its effects on agricultural production conditions.

“It is important for a trading company like Bonduelle to reinvent itself again and again – even in areas that one might not think of”, says Ganz. For the innovative power of a company, he continues, it is above all a good interaction between all departments that is necessary.

The students of the MA European Management Studies programme were much better informed about the topic after the presentation and the following question-and-answer session. It won’t be long before the next presentation by Bonduelle at ESB Business School is held.

The MA European Management Studies programme imparts business knowledge to non-economists in two countries and three languages. More information on the study programme will be available at a virtual info session on 25 January 2023.