International input

Guest lecturers from Spain and Ireland teach during the IB Block Week.

At the joint dinner, the lecturers of the IB block week exchanged ideas with programme representatives and other international guest lecturers at ESB Business School.

By Katrin Reil

This semester, the BSc International Business Block Week spans from Ireland to Spain. Every semester, the programme invites international lecturers who share their expertise with the students during five intensive days.

Joe Daly from South East Technological University in Ireland even celebrated an anniversary. He has been teaching as part of the IB Block Week for 10 years now: "It is great to be able to deliver a high energy and interactive module on "Business to Business Marketing" to the ESB students. The students are highly diligent, engaging and respectful. They are a credit to the university and to my colleagues in the faculty who are a source of help and advice as always. I'm proud to be part of a great IB team."

"Intercultural Management" was the focus of Dr Roy Mouawad's module. He works as a lecturer at numerous European business schools and consultant in the areas of Leadership and Learning & Development. “The block seminar week is a great opportunity to meet ESB staff, faculty and students from different parts of the world”, Mouawad praised the international spirit of the faculty. This is especially important in turbulent times.

Dr Samer Ajour El Zein also repeatedly referred to the current global political situation. The researcher and lecturer at the University of Barcelona taught "International Financial Risk Management" as part of the IB block week. Like his two colleagues, he also draws a positive conclusion from the event: “Challenging to analyse the cause of the problems of companies, as well studying in a practical way all the risk assessment strategies was one the best learning objectives of the IB studies. With the international crisis and challenges, the IB students proposed excellent solutions. The interaction in class, the workshop format and the intercultural exchange made the seminar truly international. “

The compact format of the IB Block Week allows students to work intensively on one topic. They do this in collaboration with international lecturers and interactive teaching formats.