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Main Research Areas

Together with partners from science and industry, particularly in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institutes for Production Technology and Automation and Work Management and Organisation, we work on research, joint projects and contract projects and offer comprehensive technical advice, technology transfer, courses and trainings in current topics. 

Advanced Industrial Engineering

Within the framework of diverse research projects, we analyse, design and improve hybrid work, added value and logistics systems, also in relation to energy and resources efficiency as well as sustainability issues. Furthermore, we implement basic building blocks for the development of digital and physical process chains for the planning and design of personalised products and plan and devise operator and transportation concepts for intra logistical infrastructure. Another focus is on the conception and application of demonstrators in order to communicate the potentials of Industry 4.0.  

Automating in Logistics

The basic building blocks of the ESB Logistics Factory are research into relevant issues in industry, giving advice with respect to the automation of logistical processes as well as the transfer of this knowledge to teaching. Topics we deal with include the development of intelligent robot systems for economical deployment in the unloading of breakbulk cargoes.

Communication in Logistics

The communication technology research group works in the area of digital communication technology. It carries out research and development work for information technology infrastructure in the area of intra logistics, among others. The focus is on high-speed data transfer. Research is carried out into modelling and measuring technology, among others. The knowledge gained is integrated into teaching. 

Technology and Innovation Management

The research group works in the area of designing adaptive technology and innovation management of SMEs. The focus is on the design of a continuous process chain, which is supported by adequate and scalable tools. Another focus is on the structuring of the early phases of innovation management. This is complemented by work in the area of intra and entrepreneurship for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Digital Engineering

Within the framework of product lifecycle management, continuous data flows are developed and their implementation accompanied within the added value chain. Further, we work on practical solutions for linking the Digital and Physical Factory with the aim of ensuring better cost effectiveness and planning quality. To drive forward personalised product creation, generative manufacturing processes (especially 3D printing) are integrated.