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Knowledge Café online

The coffee project at ESB Business School goes virtual

By Katrin Reil

Coffee and cookies, cappuccino and cake – the Knowledge Café, run by students from the BSc International Management Double Degree programme, has become a tradition on the Reutlingen campus. This semester, too, the project seminar is being held under the direction of Professor Clemens van Dinther. But this time, instead of selling coffee in the assembly hall or in the learning center, the students are going online.

The coffee is there even if the students are not. The winter semester 20/21 also presents special challenges for the participants in the "Systems and Solutions" elective module, which operates the Knowledge Café. For Julia Zey, the very challenges are an additional incentive. "This semester I was particularly looking forward to working in the Knowledge Café. We have set ourselves the goal of getting sustainability and fair coffee cultivation set in people's minds despite the Coronavirus pandemic,” she says.

Since no coffee can be sold on campus, the project team is raffling off its entire stock of coffee, including sustainable coffee mugs, for the good of the cause. You can buy a raffle tickets for two euros. A quiz about coffee and sustainability offers additional chances to win.

The proceeds of the campaign will be donated to the SOS Children's Village in Malawi. This country in southeast Africa is where the coffee beans come from which normally end up in cups in the Knowledge Café. Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries.

Daria Große Böckmann is hoping many people will join in. “We at the Knowledge Café would like to give something back to society despite these difficult circumstances. With our fundraising campaign we want to combat the poor situation in Malawi and we hope the ESB community will help. With just a small donation everyone can make a big difference,” Böckmann says.

Tickets for the Knowledge Café can be purchased online until Sunday, December 6. On Monday, December 7, all donors will receive the quiz – to further increase their chances of winning. Further information is available on the Knowledge Café Instagram account or directly in the participation form.